MovieAid 1.x for iOS and Android

MovieAid 1.x

Available in Android Market

Season's Greetings
MovieAid is a mobile device based video editor that allows you to create a movie project from stored videos and photos in your phone/tablet. Allowing the user to manipulate various video and audio transition effects and added subtitles, MovieAid paves a way to turn your stored videos and photos into a vivid movie. Creating a movie has never been easier, even in your phones
  • Want to edit a video, to mix images with videos, to merge multiple videos, and finally to create a movie of your own?
  • Want to import photos from your phones/tablets and turn them into a video by utilizing various image/video transition effects, text subtitles and background music?
  • Want to suppress the noise from your original video and to replace the noise with one or multiple music clips, even adding your narrative voice recording?
  • Want to superimpose text messages to the video at specific time points of specified displaying time lengths?
  • Want to upload your movie project to YouTube to be shared with your friends?
  • Want to turn a shared photo album in Picasa to a shared video in YouTube with movie effects?
MovieAid can help you do all these, and do that simply and easily.


  • Tap to import or add image/video/subtitle/audio
  • Support multiple images/video clips and multiple audio clips editing
  • Image/Video:
    • Select transition effects & speeds, background colors.
    • Tap to pan, pinch to zoom in/out.
    • Drag to trim video
  • Subtitle:
    • Select font, text color, and background color.
    • Tap to define its location,
    • Pinch to increase/decrease font size.
  • Audio:
    • Drag to trim,
    • Merge audio clips.
    • Voice recording
  • Export
    • Instant preview
    • Specify the output movie size and frame rate
    • Export to mp4 video
    • Upload to YouTube
    • Bridge Picasa to YouTube